Willow Hills Reservoir Community Park

Folsom, California

Foothill Associates biologists prepared a biological resources assessment for the ±35-acre Willow Hills Reservoir Community Park site located in the City of Folsom, California. The project area consists of five major biological communities, including annual grassland, oak woodland, mixed riparian forest, chaparral, and Willow Hills Reservoir, intermixed with various wetland features. Biologists conducted a field survey to identify dominant plant communities on the site, characterize wildlife habitats, locate sensitive areas including wetlands, and evaluate the potential for the property to support special status plant and wildlife species. Upon completion of the field survey, a biological resource assessment was prepared identifying biological constraints and providing recommendations for further required studies or permitting that may be required before development activities.


Due to construction activities occurring during the nesting season, Foothill biologists conducted a pre-construction raptor and tri-colored blackbird survey on the project site to identify the presence/ absence of nesting raptors and tri-colored blackbirds. Our certified arborists conducted a field survey to document all trees meeting the City of Folsom’s Tree Ordinance, as well as ornamental trees.


Biological resources assessment for the proposed 35-acre Willow Hill Reservoir Community Park.