Wilbur Springs Road Bridge Replacement

Colusa County, California

Foothill Associates provided biological services for the Wilbur Springs Road Bridge Replacement in Colusa County, California. The survey area included the demolition area of the existing historic bridge and the bridge relocation site. Biologists conducted a focused survey for special-status plants and wildlife and a jurisdictional wetland delineation. We prepared a Caltrans Natural Environment Survey (NES) for both biological and wetlands assessment. The site was assessed for its potential to support special-status species, including big-scale balsamroot, Jepson’s milk-vetch, San Joaquin saltbush, special-status invertebrate species, foothill yellow-legged frog, northwestern pond turtle, western spadefoot toad, Bell’s Sage sparrow, Cooper’s hawk, golden eagle, western burrowing owl, and special-status bat species.