Auburn Streetscape

Foothill Associates designed a streetscape corridor connecting the City of Auburn’s historic Old Town with its Downtown business district. The master plan eases the flow of traffic, aesthetically unites the corridor, and invite pedestrians and bicyclists to use the corridor.

Hazel Meadow Day Use Area

Foothill Associates provided restoration design services for Hazel Meadows Day Use area within the Sly Park Recreation Area in El Dorado County, California. The restoration project was designed to balance the ecological recovery of the site with managed recreational access.

Ahart Preserve Vernal Pool Construction and Monitoring

Foothill Associates designed and supervised construction of 1.26 acres of vernal pools and conducted five performance monitoring periods spanning ten years to comply with conditions of the Biological Opinion and Nationwide permit.

North East Warner Fuels Reduction and Habitat Restoration Environmental Assessment

Foothill Associates prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the North East Warner Fuel Reduction and Habitat Restoration project pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Anatolia Bike Trail

Foothill Associates designed a 1.6-mile long Class I bike trail in conjunction with preserved open space for the Anatolia neighborhood of Rancho Cordova, California. The trail runs along a drainage channel in the development and crosses an open space preserve to connect with a park in an adjacent development.


Welcome Christine Heckler!

Foothill Associates is pleased to welcome Christine Heckler as an Associate Biologist/Resource Assessment Specialist. Christine is a wildlife biologist with a strong educational background in wildlife biology and management from Humboldt State University. She has extensive knowledge and experience working in Northern California, particularly the Pacific Northwest, Sierra Nevada, and the Central Valley. She has been agency approved as a designated project biologist and has conducted many protocol-level and focused wildlife surveys for various California listed species. In addition to wildlife, Ms. Heckler has worked closely on botanical studies, noxious weed surveys and management plans, wetland delineations, and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans. Ms. Heckler has gained extensive experience within environmental consulting, and often works directly with crews and agencies to ensure projects meet compliance standards. She has the appropriate safety and field training to monitor activities on various construction sites, and also to survey alone in remote and harsh environments. Ms. Heckler has had a lifelong passion for wildlife and the outdoors, and enjoys sharing this passion through professional and recreational endeavors.