Foothill Associates’ diverse staff includes a wide range of technical specialists; including landscape architects, biologists, botanists, arborists, and water quality and stormwater specialists. This unique multidisciplinary mix of expertise allows us to integrate human uses, aesthetics, and functionality in our projects with key environmental considerations such as treatment of stormwater runoff, habitat and special status species preservation, green house gas reduction, and water conservation.


Low Impact Development

Modern urban development is being asked to serve many purposes, such as meeting appealing aesthetic standards and environmental goals. We work with project engineers to apply “Low Impact Development” (LID) design techniques on our projects to reduce and treat runoff and therefore minimize impacts to adjacent rivers. Our designs are based on a sound and complete understanding of natural systems and processes, ensuring that projects are successful and sustainable.


Low Water Use

Water conservation has been a central tenet of our design philosophy for many years, well before the advent of AB 1881 and Model Water Water Efficient Landscape Ordinances (MWELO). We have extensive experience working with controlled spray, low flow, and subsurface irrigation systems, combined with weather and moisture-sensing smart irrigation control to conserve water. However, water conservation begins with the landscape design: choosing plants that require less water and designing areas that are easy to irrigate efficiently. We specialize in the use of drought tolerant and native California plants. Because of this experience, along with a studied familiarity of the local Northern California climate and conditions, we can ensure high-quality, relevant design.


Alternative Transportation

Alternative transportation, including walking, bicycling, and public transit, have huge benefits on reducing greenhouse gases, improving safety, increasing a healthy lifestyle, improving connectivity, and adding recreational opportunities. Foothill Associates has experience designing complete streets that incorporate safe travel for vehicles, bikes, pedestrians, and public transportation in the same right of way. We also plan and design multi-use trails for bicyclists and pedestrians on a regional and site scale.