Sundance Meadows Community Master Plan

Lincoln, California

Sundance Meadows is a proposed residential community located within an area proposed by the City of Lincoln for annexation. Foothill Associates developed project goals and objectives including land use, character, water quality, and densities and developed a master plan to achieve the defined goals. We developed several concept plans showing proposed road alignments, open space, trails, and relocation of the Lincoln Rodeo Arena. Our conceptual plan incorporated Low Impact Development techniques such as above-ground drainage swales and detention wetlands to capture and treat stormwater runoff from roads. Foothill developed Design Guidelines and a Final Master Plan. The master plan addressed the community setting, land uses, management of natural resources, circulation, public services and utilities, and implementation and administration. Foothill’s regulatory specialists met with the City of Lincoln and the developer to set up a Permit Procurement and Implementation Plan to outline anticipated regulatory requirements for implementation of the project. Biologists conducted a biological assessment of the site to evaluate topography, biological resources, hydrology, and wetlands in order to identify site opportunities and constraints. A formal wetland delineation of the 90-acre site was also conducted to map jurisdictional waters of the United States, including wetlands.