Stoneridge/Northeast Roseville Specific Plan Area

Roseville, California

Foothill Associates prepared a management plan for approximately 305 acres of open space located within the 2,000-acre Stoneridge/ Northeast Specific Plan Area in the City of Roseville. Foothill Associates coordinated with City staff and prepared a plan that addressed the regulatory requirements/ permit conditions imposed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) for the various individual projects located within the plan area. The plan includes guidelines for the management of open space within the plan area, which includes the reaches of Miner’s, Secret, and False ravines; adjacent uplands; a vernal pool preserve; and a valley elderberry longhorn beetle (VELB) mitigation area. The plan provides strategies for the protection of sensitive biological resources from the adverse effects of surrounding land uses, invasive species, and recreational uses. In addition to providing management guidelines for the open space, the plan addresses the regulatory requirements of the Corps and the USFWS. Foothill Associates outlined the operation and maintenance costs for the open space area and prepared a preserve monitoring worksheet for periodic and annual monitoring of the open space.