Spenceville Wildlife Area Land Management Plan

Nevada and Yuba Counties, California

Foothill Associates developed the land management plan for the Spenceville Wildlife Area for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). The Spenceville Wildlife Area encompasses 11,759 acres in the northern Sierra foothills within portions of Nevada and Yuba counties, California. The area consists of grassland, woodlands, wetlands, riparian, riverine, and crop areas. The wildlife area was acquired by CDFW to preserve, protect, and perpetuate habitats, including migratory deer winter habitat, as well as provide recreational opportunities. Recreational opportunities include hunting; fishing; trail use for equestrian, mountain biking, and hiking; shooting range facilities; and nature study. Foothill Associates reviewed existing management plans, evaluated existing biological and cultural information, identified data gaps, conducted vegetation mapping using spatial data sets and applying the Keeler-Wolf vegetation classification method, facilitated public meetings for the purpose of stakeholder input, and identified recreational hunting and public use strategies. The management plan addressed potential conflicts associated with public use and introduced the suggestion of a volunteer program of users to assist in conflict resolution and enhancement of the wildlife area.


Over 16 miles of streams, small ponds, and Blue Oak-Foothill Pine woodlands.