Sly Park Recreation Area Master Plan and Master EIR

Pollock Pines, California

Foothill Associates was contracted by the El Dorado Irrigation District (EID) to Master Plan the 2,000-acre Sly Park Recreation Area and prepare a Master Environmental Impact Report (EIR) analyzing potential physical environmental effects resulting from implementation of the Master Plan, as well as development of over 20 individual projects pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The Master Plan provides EID with guidance for developing, redeveloping, maintaining, and managing the recreation facility over the next 20 years. Preparation of the Master EIR involved detailed site and facilities analyses, including scenic assessment of the proposed Sly Park Marina Parking Lot Expansion. Impact analysis utilized Bureau of Land Management (BLM) protocols and visual simulations of existing conditions, post construction, 10-years after construction, and 30-years after construction.


Visual simulation techniques were used to examine the impact of proposed shoreline recreation improvements on the viewshed enjoyed by boaters. The analysis compared the existing view to the future views at 1-, 10-, and 30-years post-construction intervals.