Skatetown Parking Lot Expansion

Roseville, California

Foothill Associates prepared a wetland delineation, landscape plans, and obtained regulatory permits for the Skatetown Ice Arena parking lot expansion located in Roseville, California. Foothill conducted a field wetland delineation on the 5-acre site and prepared a map of wetlands and other waters of the U.S. on the site for verification by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps). Foothill landscape architects prepared construction documents, including an irrigation plan, planting plan, and details, for the parking lot islands and new parking lot outslope. Specifications and a cost estimate were also prepared. The sloped area adjacent to the parking lot was planted with native vegetation. Foothill coordinated obtaining necessary permits, including a Clean Water Act Section 404 Nationwide Permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, a Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and a Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification from the State Regional Water Quality Control Board.