Rocklin Open Space Monitoring

Rocklin, CA

In 2015, the City of Rocklin adopted a new Open Space Management Plan that allows them to manage all five of their open space preserves under one plan. Foothill Associates is providing a variety of biological services both to complete the annual monitoring and provide baseline condition surveys for the ~586 acres of preserve. The annual monitoring services provided as part of the project include mapping invasive species throughout the preserves, conducting RDM monitoring to evaluate grazing pressure, sampling for listed vernal pool invertebrates, floristic monitoring, and preparing annual reports. Additionally, as part of the baseline studies, we surveyed all oak trees in the preserves, updated the wetland delineation, and performed rare plant and animal surveys. Following the completion of the invasive species mapping we provided recommendations for the removal and control of invasive plant species in both aquatic and upland habitats.


Sampling for listed vernal pool invertebrates.


Residual dry matter monitoring to evaluate grazing pressure.