Riolo Vineyards Specific Plan Area Parks

Placer County, CA

Foothill Associates is designing four parks, a promenade, and perimeter planting and bike trail connections within the Riolo Vineyards Specific Plan Area in Placer County. Foothill Associates is coordinating with the site engineer on overall improvements and preparing conceptual plans and construction documents for the parks and promenade, which range in size from 0.7 to 7.5 acres. The parks provide active play opportunities including a baseball field, soccer field, lacrosse field, active play turf areas, basketball court, themed playgrounds, workout stations, and plazas with shade shelters, picnic tables, and restroom/ concession buildings. Passive recreation is also a key component of each park and the promenade. The passive design elements include an open space overlook, walking paths, native plantings, a low water use demonstration garden, street trees, temporarily irrigated natural areas, and interpretative signage. Incorporated throughout the design are sustainable elements and all sites meet Placer County standards. The site is adjacent to an open space which includes Dry Creek and other wetlands, and will include a bike path network, so both sensitivity and connectivity to the open space is designed into the space. This is achieved in part through a balance of paths and barriers to safely direct pedestrians and Low Impact Development approaches to capture, slow, and treat water within the parks before allowing it to leave the property.


Conceptual plan includes playable turf, turf mound, plaza area, and drinking fountain.


Conceptual plan includes a restroom and concession building, shade shelter, kiosk, barbecue grill, drinking fountain, picnic tables, play ground, exercise equipment, baseball field, soccer field, plaza, and swales.


Conceptual plan includes restroom, picnic shelter, kiosk with interpretive signage, sand box, barbecue grill, play ground, exercise equipment, overlook, plaza, and class I multi-use trail.


Conceptual plan includes playable turf, multi-purpose sports court, youth play equipment, tot play equipment, plaza area, stormwater swale, covered picnic shelter, barbecue grill, drinking fountain, kiosk, concrete paths,