Promontory Development

El Dorado, California

Foothill Associates designed an oak tree mitigation and monitoring plan for the 999-acre Promontory project site in El Dorado County. The plan includes an analysis of the existing oak woodland canopy within the project site, identified areas suitable for mitigation planting, provided measures to protect existing oak trees during project construction, and outlined a detailed post-construction monitoring plan. The plan was then revised to update oak tree canopy impacts based on revised tentative and final maps approved by the County. Foothill calculated canopy impacts, replacement requirements, and available planting areas.


Remote sensing (computerized air photo interpretation) techniques were used to inventory oak tree canopy on the project site.  A computer-generated mosaic of site aerial photographs was used to determine the location and extent of oak woodlands on the project site.  A consistent definition of oak woodland was then applied to the computerized image, resulting in a map of oak woodlands on the site, and a determination of oak tree canopy density for comparison to the retention and replacement standards.


Proposed building envelopes and roadways for each tentative subdivision map (TSM) was overlaid on the oak tree canopy map to calculate the maximum potential oak tree canopy impact that could occur from development under each TSM, as well as the corresponding number of acres needed for revegetation.


Foothill Associates prepared an Oak Tree Protection, Revegetation and Monitoring Plan pursuant to the Mitigation Measures identified in The Promontory Specific Plan EIR.


Plan for preserving existing wetlands, constructing seasonal marsh, riparian and mixed oak woodland planting areas.