Promontory Development

El Dorado County, California

The Promontory is a 999-acre planned community development in El Dorado County. As part of a larger planning effort, Foothill Associates prepared an Oak Tree Protection, Revegetation and Monitoring Plan pursuant to the Mitigation Measures identified in The Promontory Specific Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to address impacts to oak woodlands as a result of project implementation. Oak canopy mitigation was achieved by planting young oak trees or acorns in open spaces and the Carson Creek Preserve. Annual monitoring was conducted for ten years.


Foothill Associates prepared construction plans for implementing The Promontory Wetlands Mitigation Plan in accordance with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit. We designed construction and planting plans for 4.67 acres of seasonal marsh, as well as planting plans for 22.96 acres of riparian and mixed oak woodland habitat. Following construction, Foothill monitored the wetlands annually for a five-year period, or until wetlands met the performance criteria for three consecutive years.