Pleasant Grove and Curry Creek Ecosystem Restoration Plan

Placer County, California

Foothill Associates developed the Pleasant Grove and Curry Creek Ecosystem Restoration Plan (ERP). The document identifies potential restoration opportunities in the ERP planning area using an ecosystem-based approach. The ERP also identifies goals and objectives of the restoration effort; provides background information and baseline data regarding the project site; and discusses specific ecosystem restoration goals, opportunities, and requirements for implementation within the planning area. The restoration of these watersheds improves habitat conditions for numerous wildlife species that occupy the streams and adjacent riparian and upland habitats. Work on the ERP has extended to providing additional and ongoing consultation with Placer County regarding the viability of potential restoration projects and questions concerning the agricultural waiver process and Placer County’s NPDES municipal requirements.


The plan area includes five major sub-basins.


The plan classified stream segments from very low- to very high- impacts to channel, riparian, and floodplain conditions.


Issues identified during site assessments and restoration techniques applicable to specific reaches were addressed.