Foothill Associates provides the full range of planning services from initial site investigation and analysis through establishment of goals and objectives, design guidelines, master plan documents, presentation graphics and maps, preliminary plans, conceptual designs, public meeting facilitation, and cost estimates. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to address all relevant planning, environmental, and regulatory issues in the planning and design phase of a project, so that a project’s goals and objectives can adequately address our clients’ needs. Foothill Associates specializes in recreation planning, urban planning, feasibility studies, and restoration and conservation planning.


Recreation Planning

Foothill Associates provides the management experience and technical skills necessary to develop comprehensive, high quality plans and implementation strategies. Our planning process provides an assessment of the client’s needs and resources to prepare carefully considered recommendations for project funding, planning, acquisition, development, and maintenance.


Urban Planning

Foothill Associates experienced staff specializes in functional, pleasing landscapes that minimize environmental impacts and provide lasting, economical, and innovative solutions. Existing architecture, history, and community heritage become part of our design language for streetscape and urban design work. We design spaces for people to enjoy and while sensitively protecting the fragile environment of which urban and streetscape projects are a part.


Feasibility Studies

Foothill Associates has the required management experience and technical skills to conduct large-scale, regional feasibility studies, including preliminary screening approaches, inventorying and data collection, opportunities and constraints analysis and qualitative ratings, alternatives analysis, phasing plans, cost estimates, simulations and concept plans.


Restoration and Conservation Planning

Foothill Associates’ staff has prepared numerous preserve and open space management plans for the perpetual protection and maintenance of natural resources. Our staff routinely develops innovative approaches to projects with natural resources planning challenges.



Foothill Associates has a broad range of experience assisting agencies apply for grant funding to provide new or continuing services and programs, as well as to restore and enhance natural resources.


Public Engagement and Outreach

Foothill Associates has experience with public outreach and facilitation addressing a variety of environmental issues, including natural resources, water, habitat conservation, restoration, and planning. Our experienced public facilitation staff routinely assists public agencies with informing and involving members of the public, elected officials, other agencies, and community organizations and stakeholders, in the decision-making process for policy decisions, as well as the proposed implementation of individual projects.


GIS and Mapping

Foothill Associates has extensive expertise in applying GIS technology to planning projects. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable in creating, updating, manipulating, and analyzing geographic data; the development of sizeable GIS databases for public agency and large development projects; as well as high-quality map production. The Foothill Associates GIS team is also skilled in aerial data interpretation, as well as digital image processing. Our staff routinely uses data from a variety of sources, and has a comprehensive understanding of data formats and projections.