Placerville Area Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Placerville, California

Foothill Associates developed the Placerville Area Parks and Recreation Master Plan, in coordination with the City of Placerville and El Dorado County. The goal of the document was to create a single master plan for parks and recreation that addresses both the City and County residents’ needs in an integrated and coordinated manner. This approach helped maximize the efficient use of limited resources by identifying gaps and overlaps in service, and opportunities for collaboration between the two jurisdictions. The planning process included several community meetings, an inventory of park resources, the development of level of service standards for the plan area, initial assessment of facility, program, and operational needs and finance plan.


As part of the community outreach portion of the master plan process, Foothill Associates developed a project website. The website provides a source for the community to find updates about project events, status, findings, and draft reports. A written recreation survey was developed by Foothill Associates and replicated on the website through a fully customizable online form management system, also developed in-house. Residents were invited to complete the survey online and results were automatically collected in a database on our server for analysis. Our graphic specialists designed all elements for the website, as well as written handouts and display boards.


The Master Plan addresses parks and recreation needs for both city and county residents.


Existing facilities in the plan area.


The planning process included several community meetings.