Persephone Ranch

Pope Valley, California

Foothill Associates prepared environmental documentation, permitting, and technical studies in support of a vineyard expansion project in Napa County. The project consisted of appropriation of approximately 420 acre-feet of water from the Upper Putah Creek Watershed for expanded vineyard irrigation, expansion of an existing onsite reservoir, and construction of two new reservoirs. Additionally, replacement of a culvert crossing  with a span bridge over Burton Creek. The channel bank was sloped and re-vegetated with native species for bank stabilization and erosion control. Foothill Associates obtained a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permit as required by Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and informal Section 7 consultation for valley elderberry longhorn beetle and California red-legged frog to address Endangered Species Act issues. We also prepared a Water Quality Certification pursuant to CWA Section 401 and Streambed Alteration Agreement (SAA) pursuant to the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) Code Section 1600. Biologists prepared a biological resources reconnaissance survey report and jurisdictional wetland delineation of waters on the 348-acre site.


Pursuant to the SAA, Foothill Associates prepared a restoration plan for revegetation following removal of existing vineyard and abandonment of an access road as well as planting of oak trees to provide shading of Burton Creek and help stabilize the bank. We also prepared a riparian habitat vegetation and monitoring plan pursuant to the SAA to mitigate for impacts due to the placement of a bridge crossing at Burton Creek.  We monitored the success of vegetation over a five-year period.