Parkes Property

El Dorado County, California

Foothill Associates’ arborists used GPS units to survey all oak trees located within grading improvements of the limits of work for proposed road improvements and housing pads in a residential development in El Dorado County. The site is 144 acres in size and 4,400 trees on the site were surveyed within the area of development impact. Native oak trees with a single-trunk diameter at breast height of five inches or greater or multi-trunk trees with an aggregate diameter at breast height of ten inches or greater were tagged. The species, size, and condition of regulated trees within the survey area were recorded. A total of 4,400 trees including 1,541 blue oaks, 2,852 interior live oaks, 5 oracle oaks, and 2 valley oaks were inventoried.


4,400 trees on the site were inventoried.