Park Meadows North

Elk Grove, California

Park Meadows North is a development site in Sacramento County with 99-acres of residential, commercial, and open space uses. The project resulted in impacts to Waters of the U.S., including wetlands, and potential impacts on giant garter snake, vernal pool fairy shrimp, and vernal pool tadpole shrimp. As mitigation for impacts to listed vernal pool crustaceans, the purchase and construction of vernal pool habitat was determined. Impacts to giant garter snake was offset through construction of marsh, upland, and wetland habitat at an off-site preserve. The mitigation plan describes the mitigation site, proposed wetland construction and habitat restoration activities, and details performance standards and monitoring.


Foothill Associates prepared a comprehensive restoration plan for the 25-acre mitigation site, including a channelized ¾-mile stretch of Badger Creek. In order to provide suitable habitat for giant garter snake, while maintaining appropriate wetland functions, constructed wetlands were configured to support a combination of open water, perennial marsh, and seasonal marsh conditions. Wetland habitat was constructed to ensure that permanent, open water habitat occurs year-round. The design of the open water component of the restoration plan involved one inlet and one outlet to Badger Creek. The upper bank at both the inlet and outlet locations were breached to a width of 70 feet with standard construction equipment (excavator, backhoe). Embankments were graded and immediately replanted with native vegetation for slope stabilization. We created construction drawings and prepared and obtained regulatory agency permits needed for the restoration plan.


Restoration plan for the 25-acre mitigation site for giant garter snake habitat.