Nevada Beach Day Use and Campground BMP Retrofit

Roundhill, Nevada

Foothill Associates completed site design, construction documents, and cost estimate for enhancements to the U.S. Forest Service’s Nevada Beach Day Use and Campground in Douglas County, Nevada. Improvements included detention/infiltration basins, beach access and internal day-use trails, ADA accessible picnic areas, bike trails, restroom building, new sign posting boards, vegetated screening along boundary, roads and parking, and revegetation along day-use trails. Low Impact Development techniques including permeable pavers and infiltration basins were used throughout the day use parking areas to handle runoff and reduce potential impacts of stormwater on Lake Tahoe. Detention areas were vegetated with native wetland plants adapted for the high altitude environment. Native riparian and upland trees and shrubs were planted around the detention wetlands.


Picnic area with tables and BBQs overlooking Lake Tahoe.


Picnic area with permeable pavers to help reduce water run-off.


ADA accessible picnic area and boardwalk.


Boardwalk out to Lake Tahoe with picnic areas.


Boardwalk with picnic areas.


Detention basins were incorporated to help handle runoff and reduce impacts of stormwater on Lake Tahoe.