Morgan Creek Golf and Country Club

Placer County, California

The Morgan Creek Golf and Country Club is a 546-acre master planned development consisting of residences, 18-hole golf course, open space along Dry Creek, bike/ pedestrian and equestrian trails, wetland preserves, and an elderberry preserve. As required by the conditions of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Nationwide permit, Foothill Associates developed a Preserve Management and Mitigation and Monitoring Plan. The plan describes the on- and off-site wetland and riparian preservation and creation, on-site elderberry shrub preservation, preserve management, and mitigation monitoring, as well as deed restrictions and financing of the preserve areas. Biologists conducted five years of field monitoring of constructed seasonal wetland and marsh habitat.


We also prepared the Dry Creek Riparian Preserve and Management Plan which address the design, preservation, and maintenance of 46 acres of the Dry Creek Riparian Preserve. It also describes mitigation monitoring and long-term management strategies and details the deed restrictions and financing of the Dry Creek Riparian Preserve.


Foothill Associates also wrote a Native Tree Mitigation and Monitoring Program in response to Mitigation Measures identified in the projects Environmental Impact Report. The document analyzes the impacts associated with upland native trees, outlines the proposed mitigation design, and discusses the native tree planting, preservation, and monitoring protocols. It also identifies measures to reduce impacts to existing and planted native trees during and after construction. We monitored the on-site mitigation for five years.