Meadowview Road / 24th Street Streetscape Improvements

Sacramento, California

Foothill Associates is providing environmental review services for the new streetscape along Meadowview Road between the LRT Station and Freeport Boulevard, and 24th Street from Meadowview Road north to Florin Road.  The improvement project will separate sidewalks, construct raised medians with landscaping, beautify the corridor, and improve bicycle and pedestrian connections. The project is funded through federal and local funds.  Foothill Associates is preparing a Preliminary Environmental Study (PES) for Caltrans District 3 approval; preparing a CEQA Notice of Exemption; managing preparation of an Archaeological Survey Report and Historic Properties Survey Report in accordance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act for Caltrans District 3 approval; conducting an arborist survey of approximately 400 trees in the project area; and acting as liaison to Caltrans District 3 through issuance of the anticipated NEPA Categorical Exclusion.