Lucerne Third Avenue Plaza

Lucerne, California

Foothill Associates prepared the final landscape architecture design, construction documents, and obtained regulatory permits for the Third Avenue Plaza (at Lucerne Alpine Park) in Lucerne, California, located on the north shore of Clear Lake. The design featured the restoration and extension of an existing sea-wall, a new fishing pier extending into the Lake with shade structure and boat docks, a shaded picnic area, interpretive signage, parking lot, and implementation of traffic-calming measures along State Highway 20.


Foothill Associates processed the Section 404 and 401 permitting documentation for the geotechnical exploratory borings in the lakebed of Clear Lake, and acted on the County’s behalf as agency liaison with the Army Corps of Engineers to obtain authorization pursuant to the Nationwide Section 404 Permit Program for project-related improvements involving the fill of waters of the U.S. Foothill Associates acquired the Section 401 Water Quality Certification from the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, and assisted with coordination efforts for the acquisition of all additional environmental permits relevant to the construction of the project, including a County Lakebed Management Permit for the construction of structures extending into the body of Clear Lake, and the Caltrans Encroachment Permit.


Foothill Associates also conducted an arborist survey to evaluate existing tree health and structure, and also prepared construction documents for the project.


Conceptual plan for Third Avenue Plaza at Lucerne Alpine Park.


Foothill Associates prepared the design, construction documents, and environmental permits for the plaza and fishing pier.


An arborist survey was conducted to examine the health of existing trees. Existing trees were incorporated into the final design.


Curved, low stone arch wall around seating area overlooking Clear Lake.


Shade shelter with picnic tables.