Lower Feather River HUC/ Honcut Creek Watershed Existing Conditions Assessment

Sutter, Butte, and Yuba Counties, California

Foothill Associates prepared a current conditions report of the Lower Feather River HUC/ Honcut Creek Watershed, an area encompassing portions of Sutter, Yuba, and Butte counties. The study established a partnership to bring together urban and rural communities to identify and address natural resource concerns. Foothill met with the Project Steering Committee to establish goals and objectives, identify watershed components most important to them, and to collect and analyze current and historical data to write an initial conditions report. The report considers the effect of human activities within the watershed to determine whether the resources of the watershed are supportive of the various land uses and community interests. Functional areas for this study included topography, geology, geomorphology, soils, hydrology, water quality, biological resources, community development, and fuel/ fire. The project was consistent with the California Watershed Assessment Manual (CWAM) and consisted of public agency involvement, data collection, watershed process modeling, data analysis, and development of an assessment report summarizing the current watershed state. This assessment laid the groundwork for the next phase, which will be creation of a watershed planning document.


As a primary component of the project, Foothill Associates GIS staff was charged with the huge task of acquiring and managing vast amounts of GIS and tabular datasets on a wide range of themes from a wide variety of sources including Federal, State, County, City and private sources. This task required extensive consultation and effective communication with project managers and partners as well as with data providers where necessary. In addition, watershed-wide mapping of the various themes across County boundaries often required extensive work to standardize and combine data of different quality, levels of completeness, and time periods, in order to communicate the map information in the most appropriate and effective way. Finally, where spatial data did not yet exist, Foothill Associates GIS staff utilized existing spatial and tabular data from various government agencies to produce mappable results that could be analyzed on a watershed-wide level.