Longview Oaks Enhancements

Sacramento, California

The multi-disciplinary team of Foothill Associates’ landscape architects, biologists, and water resource specialists developed the Longview Oaks Master Plan, including construction of seven vernal pools, creation of a water quality detention basin, culvert restoration, and the restoration of perennial grassland and oak woodland. This project was funded under the Urban Streams grant. We provided reports for grant compliance, structured the project and schedules to meet grant requirements, held on-site meetings with the grantor during the pre-grant evaluation process, and interfaced with the grantor during public awareness activities.


Conceptual restoration plan with vernal pools, walking path, boardwalk, and detention basin.


Construction documents for restoration area.


Grading vernal pool.


Laying cobbles in detention basin spillway.


Hydroseeding with riparian seed mix.


Detention wetland following first rain.


Vernal pool five years following construction.