Lakeridge Park

Magalia, California

Foothill Associates prepared a biological resources assessment to address plant and wildlife species and a preliminary wetland assessment for the proposed Lakeridge Park. The Lakeridge Park site consists of 27 acres of land that is primarily dense coniferous forest. Botanists surveyed the site for potential habitat for special-status plant species including, Butte County fritillary, Butte County morning-glory, dissected-leaved toothwort, Feather River stonecrop, Hall’s rupertia, Jepson’s onion, Lewis Rose’s ragwort, Norris’ beard moss, slender silver moss, and white-stemmed clarkia. These studies identified specific resources as well as potential impacts and mitigation measures. Results were incorporated into the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documentation prepared by the Paradise Recreation and Park District.


Biological resources assessment and preliminary wetland assessment for 27 acre park site.