Lake Hodges Pump Station and Staging Areas

Del Dios, California

Foothill Associates provided 3D modeling as part of the landscape restoration project for the Lake Hodges Pump Station and staging areas located in San Diego County. The landscape design process included facilitating a series of community meetings, preparing concept drawings, construction drawings and specifications, and providing construction oversight for the plantings and restoration associated with the pump storage project on Lake Hodges reservoir. 3D models of the pump station were generated as a visualization tool used during the community outreach process. These models were used to illustrate to the committee what the project will look like after construction is finished, but before planting. Based on input received during the community outreach process, final design models and renderings were produced. Buildings were modeled using Autocad and 3D Studio VIZ. The landform model employed ArcMap 3D Analyst and GIS maps of habitat, roads, trails, and disturbed areas. Using a software package called Visual Nature Studio, buildings, landforms, and ecosystems were integrated into one model to produce static images of different perspectives, and an animation following the regional trail and lake access path adjacent to the site.


Simulated view from trail looking toward pump station site before planting.


Simulated view from trail looking toward pump station site 10-years after planting.


Pump station restoration landscaping site plan.


Parking lot restoration landscaping site plan.