Lake Front at Walker Ranch EIR

Lake Almanor, California

Foothill Associates prepared an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Lake Front at Walker Ranch project in Plumas County. The project proposes a mixed use development located on approximately 1,397 acres on the Lake Almanor peninsula. A total of 1,674 residential units were proposed and include a variety of densities ranging from 8 dwelling units per acre to estate lots, with 1 unit per 1.5 acres. Other proposed land uses included commercial, hotel/ spa facility, golf course, open space corridors/ buffers, a wastewater treatment plant facility, and other utilities. The EIR analyzed potential impacts related to aesthetics (visual impacts from Lake Almanor), water quality, biological resources (including potential impacts to existing bald eagle nests), population and housing, noise, air quality, and traffic. Technical studies were prepared for noise, cultural resources, and air quality. The Final EIR was certified by Plumas County.


Visual analysis in support of environmental analysis.


Vegetation communities map.