Laguna Stonelake

Elk Grove, California

The 485-acre Laguna Stonelake Development in southern Sacramento County required construction of 42-acres of new vernal pool habitat. Foothill Associates prepared preliminary wetland construction plans and conducted soil feasibility analyses on prospective vernal pool construction sites. Site analysis and soil studies provided crucial data to refine construction plans. Foothill Associates’ landscape architect and biology staff oversaw all aspects of the vernal pool construction project including harvest and stockpile of vernal pool topsoil, layout of new vernal pools, excavation of vernal pool basins, distribution of wetland topsoil, finish grading of the pools, and revegetation of haul routes and other areas disturbed by construction activities. This wetland construction project was one of the largest vernal pool construction projects ever undertaken in the region.


Foothill Associates conducted ten years of annual hydrology, invertebrate, and floristic monitoring to ensure performance criteria outlined in the mitigation plan were met.


A total of 49 vernal pools were constructed.