Kingsbridge Wetland Restoration

Elk Grove, California

The Kingsbridge vernal pool mitigation site is bordered on the north by Churchill Downs Community Park in Elk Grove, California. Irrigation runoff coming from the park was flooding a large vernal pool slated for preservation. This unseasonal water resulted in a significant portion of the vernal pool converting to marsh and riparian scrub habitat dominated by cattails. These conditions displaced the native vernal pool plant species since they cannot tolerate warm-season inundation.


Foothill Associates evaluated the condition of the vernal pool, analyzed the drainage patterns leaving the park, and developed a drainage management system designed to keep summer flows out of the preserve and vernal pool habitat. The solution consisted of a diversion structure and wetland swale, with the swale emptying into the stormdrain system. The diversion structure was configured to direct summer flows to the regional stormdrain system via the swale, while still allowing winter flows to enter the preserve and vernal pool habitat.


Foothill Associates has monitored the vernal pool over the years, and resumption of normal vernal pool hydrology has resulted in gradual restoration of the native vernal pool flora to the pool.


Plan to restore 1.76-acre marsh back into vernal pool.