Gladding Parkway Streetscape Master Plan

Lincoln, California

Foothill Associates oversaw the design of the master plan for this new streetscape in the City of Lincoln, California. The new road will link an older Lincoln neighborhood with new development. The design vocabulary for the project was developed from existing buildings, architectural elements, and plants observed in the vicinity of the new roadway. Walls, gates, intersection designs, pilasters, and plant palettes were created to unite and unify the neighborhoods the roadway will traverse. The new roadway will have a boulevard effect with large shade trees lining both sides of the street, the median, and the frontage road where the condition occurs. A bike path and Neighborhood Electrical Vehicle lane are included on both sides of the street. The intersections at traffic signals will give visual cues to motorists to drive more carefully for added pedestrian safety. Foothill Associates designed a decorative soundwall using architectural elements from the existing neighborhood. The soundwall has been slated for the west side of the East Avenue portion of the project, with special gates designed for allowing existing driveways and sidewalks access to the new boulevard. Foothill Associates participated in a community open house which was hosted by the City for the public to view, comment, and provide input for the design.


Gladding Parkway streetscape and cross section.


Intersection design.


Wall and gate designs.


Wall designs.


Community open house for the public to provide input on the design.