GIS and Mapping

Foothill Associates has extensive expertise in applying GIS technology to biological, water, and cultural resource issues, as well as planning projects. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable in creating, updating, manipulating, and analyzing geographic data; the development of sizeable GIS databases for public agency and large development projects; as well as high-quality map production. The Foothill Associates GIS team is also skilled in aerial data interpretation of vegetation communities and habitats, as well as digital image processing. Our staff routinely uses data from a variety of sources, and has a comprehensive understanding of data formats and projections.


Digital field data collection is also integral to the services provided by Foothill Associates. We routinely apply digital field mapping to projects using Trimble mapping-grade GPS units with sub-meter accuracy. Our field and GIS staff are highly knowledgeable in GPS data collection and configuration, as well as the development and use of custom digital data entry forms for efficient, consistent, and accurate data collection. GPS data are regularly edited and overlain onto existing base data in ArcGIS for analysis and the production of high quality cartographic maps.


Foothill Associates’ staff also have experience in the design and implementation of interactive database applications that can serve as integrated companion products for spatial GIS datasets. An integrated database application presents the end-user the ability to view, query, and report on tabular information or to perform tabular or spatial analyses and create maps from within GIS software.