Florin Road Streetscape Enhancement Master Plan

Sacramento, California

Foothill Associates developed a streetscape master plan for a three mile segment of Florin Road from Stockton Boulevard to Florin Perkins Road in Sacramento, California. This work also included an effort to revitalize Old Florin Town by creating a conceptual land use plan for the area, defining historically significant buildings, and an economic assessment and recommendations to restore Old Florin Town. The master plan recommended a streetscape which included commercial, residential, and rural uses, and addressed the concerns and ideas of multiple stakeholders. The other portion of the streetscape study involved addressing pedestrian and traffic relationships to improve the traffic and circulation through Old Florin Town. Concurrent to this study was an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that assessed downgrading this portion of Florin Road from a six-lane to four-lane designation to help preserve Old Florin Town. The eventual outcome was a streetscape master plan to revitalize this segment of Florin Road, and provide identity to Old Florin Town.


The project was very complex and required the coordination of multiple subconsultants. The project included coordination between Foothill Associates and the civil engineer working on the roadway alignment, the architectural historian trying to preserve the community’s heritage, traffic engineers working on ways to reroute traffic or reduce current load numbers in the corridor, the architect working on ways to save building facades and design special landmark features in the historic core, and the economic consultant who prepared a study of the economic impacts of the proposed improvements to the corridor. Foothill Associates coordination between these various subconsultants resulted in a very solid project providing the County alternatives for how to proceed with area road improvements that would benefit the area economically and minimize impacts to cultural resources.


Public outreach included numerous meetings and workshops.


Landscape improvements at entrance into Old Florin Town.


Monument and thematic landscape improvements at entrance into Old Florin Town.


Monument and thematic landscape improvements at entrance into Old Florin Town.


The design team held stakeholder meetings and public workshops.


Conceptual designs for entry signs and monuments to indicate that travelers are passing into or leaving a historic area.


Before and photo-simulated after of streetscape improvements and building relocation.


Before and photo-simulated after of streetscape improvements at Union Pacific Railroad tracks.