Fisherman’s Lake Parkway Interpretive Signs

Sacramento, California

Foothill Associates designed four interpretive signs for the 1.6-mile bike and pedestrian trail at Fisherman’s Lake Parkway in the Natomas area of Sacramento. The signs profile two special-status species found in the area; giant garter snake and Swainson’s hawk. Collectively, three of the signs cover their habitat, prey, and characteristics, as well as hawk migration. The fourth sign discusses the regions historical, cultural, and the unique hydrological features of Fisherman’s Lake. The signs utilize historical photos collected from the Sacramento Archives and Museum Collection Center, and integrate watercolor renderings, photography, and digital art to depict the Parkway’s unique features.


Interpretive signs installed at rest stops along the trail and lake.


Interpretive sign on the migration of Swainson's hawk, a California protected species.


Interpretive sign on Giant garter snake, a state and federally protected species.


Interpretive sign on the history of the area.