Farron Street Bridge Pedestrian and Bike Crossing

Rocklin, California

Foothill Associates provided environmental documentation and biological resource assessment for the Farron Street Pedestrian and Bike Crossing relevant to the construction of an 83.5-foot long by 9-foot wide pre-manufactured single-span steel-truss pedestrian/bike bridge across Antelope Creek. We prepared an Initial Study/ Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) which was adopted by the City of Rocklin. In support of the IS/MND, Foothill biologists prepared a biological resources assessment summarizing the general biological resources on the site and assessing the suitability of the site to support special-status species and habitat. Wetland biologists conducted a wetland delineation. Foothill’s ISA-certified arborists conducted an arborist survey in accordance with the City of Rocklin’s Tree Ordinance to record the size, health, and structure of 153 trees onsite.


Foothill Associates prepared a Streambed Alteration Agreement pursuant to the California Department of Fish and Game Code Section 1600, which included development of a Riparian Oak Woodland Mitigation Plan. The plan included the elimination of exotic species, as well as planting of species intended to promote a healthy oak woodland understory and native riparian vegetation. Foothill Associates also conducted monitoring for five years.


The Riparian Oak Woodland Habitat Mitigation Plan included the removal of non-native species and revegetation with trees and riparian plantings.


Following bridge installation.


Two years after revegetation.