El Dorado Hills Wastewater Treatment Plant Recycled Water System Expansion Visual Assessment

El Dorado Hills, California

Foothill Associates used Visual Nature Studio (VNS) software to generate a visual simulation assessing the impacts of the addition of a third new water tank as part of the El Dorado Irrigation District (EID) Wastewater Treatment Plant Recycled Water Expansion. Foothill used vector and raster data from CAD and GIS to create digital models that were spatially accurate. We created simulated views from two viewpoints corresponding to locations of field photographs, and we obtained topographic data by merging detailed topographic survey data with contour data from the USGS Digital Elevation Model. The detailed data covered the area immediately surrounding the tanks and a narrow band between the treatment facility and the tanks. Tank objects were located based upon existing footprints in the surveyed data.


Simulated view showing the addition of a third new water tank.