Eddy Gulch Late Successional Reserve Fuels/ Habitat Protection EIS Scenery Analysis

Siskiyou County, California

Foothill Associates prepared the Scenery Report and Scenery Analysis in support of preparation of a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) covering fuel reduction timber management within the Klamath National Forest Eddy Gulch Late Successional Reserve. The Scenery Report and Scenery Analysis provided considerable information about current conditions in the assessment area and detailed discussion of how visual quality would be affected by project activities. Services included review of existing scenic character, integrity, stability, and sensitive viewpoints and impact analysis for three alternative projects: 1) no project, 2) fuel reduction with temporary roads, and 3) fuel reduction without temporary roads. The U.S. Forest Service Scenery Management Handbook and the Klamath National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan were utilized to prepare the Scenery Analysis.


Foothill Associates also wrote the Recreation Report and Wild and Scenic Rivers Report for incorporation into the EIS document.


Scenery Analysis graphic.