Dry Creek Watershed Flood Control and Environmental Enhancement Project

Placer County, California

Foothill Associates assisted the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency with preparation of a successful Proposition 13 Flood Protection grant application to apply for funding for the Dry Creek Watershed Flood Control and Environmental Enhancement Project. Our technical staff provided support in writing the wildlife and agricultural land conservation benefits for three projects: constructing multi-purpose off-stream detention facilities designed to reduce peak flows; renovating the existing Hayer Dam facility; and invasive plant removal. Our environmental planners and regulatory specialists prepared a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Initial Study and developed an Environmental Permit Procurement and Implementation Plan in support of the grant application.


The grant funded the Miners Ravine Off-Channel Detention Basin Facility to mitigate flooding impacts and improve stream channel and wetlands. Interpretive signs, trail, and trailhead parking were included.