Dry Creek Greenway Regional Vision Master Plan and EIR

Placer County, California

Foothill Associates developed the Dry Creek Greenway Regional Vision, a master plan for a multi-jurisdictional system of trails and open space in western Placer County. The Dry Creek Greenway Regional Vision is a policy and project recommendation document that provides guidance and direction for the future design, implementation, and management of the Dry Creek Greenway. The key concepts of the Greenway Vision is the integration of trails as part of a multi-modal transportation strategy, flood control, habitat preservation, water quality, recreation, cultural resources, and education. A primary component of the project wass a Class I trail system connecting the Dry Creek Parkway on the western project boundary, to the Folsom Lake State Recreational Area to the east. This critical trail connection forms the last link in a 70-mile regional bikeway system consisting of the American River Parkway, Ueda Parkway, Dry Creek Parkway, Dry Creek Greenway, and Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. Numerous other trail linkages were recommended that used both on-street and off-street Class I trails located within the open space areas along creeks and drainages in the Dry Creek watershed.


The project included a significant public participation element, and required extensive interaction and coordination with resource agencies and local jurisdictions to successfully develop the Greenway facilities, policies for management and operations, and public stewardship.  As part of the public engagement program, we developed and managed a website to keep the community up-to-date on the project.  Foothill Associates used Virtual Nature Studio (VNS) to create three-dimensional modeling and visual simulations of roads, trails, and other linear objects. Early in the design process, we used visual simulations that illustrated proposed changes and helped compare relationships between elements. We used these views to communicate design ideas and impacts to government and agency decision makers and the public.


Foothill Associates prepared an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Dry Creek Greenway Regional Vision Master Plan. Issues analyzed in the EIR include land use, hydrology, geology, biological resources, transportation, aesthetics, air quality, noise, public services, utilities, hazards, and cultural resources. Mitigation measures were identified and proposed to reduce significant impacts to a less than significant level.