Civic Center Drive Extension

Rocklin, California

The extension of Civic Center Drive is planned to alleviate through traffic on existing arterials, and to provide more convenient access to Rocklin’s Civic Center. Foothill Associates provided a number of resource studies for the road alignment, including an arborist survey, wetland delineation, and focused botanical survey all in support of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) analysis. Foothill Associates performed an arborist survey to document all trees within the proposed alignment that had a potential for impact and to assist in finalizing the road alignment. A field wetland delineation and subsequent map were also prepared and utilized in finalization of the road alignment in order to avoid environmental impacts. A focused botanical survey was conducted for special-status plant species that are recognized by the California Native Plant Society (CNPS). Potential impacts to populations of CNPS-listed plants receive consideration under CEQA review.


Wetland features were mapped to assist with road alignment to help avoid environmental impacts.


An arborist survey was conducted to document all trees within the proposed road alignment that had a potential for impact.