City of Roseville Creek and Riparian Management and Restoration Plan

Roseville, California

Foothill Associates developed the Roseville Creek and Riparian Management and Restoration Plan (RCRMRP) for the City of Roseville. The goal of the RCRMRP was to characterize the condition of the City’s riparian habitat and creek channels (35 miles) and to develop a comprehensive approach to preservation, restoration, and community-based stewardship for these resources. The Existing Conditions and Assessment Report (ECAR) presents a review of hydrologic and geomorphic conditions, and the riparian vegetation and habitat characteristics of the City’s creeks. Field protocols were adapted from standard United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), and California Native Plant Society (CNPS) protocols to assess the health of the stream ecological systems, determine major causes of degradation, identify particularly degraded sites, and lay the groundwork for the restoration and management plan. The final plan provides conceptual restoration strategies, specific project recommendations, public outreach strategies, maintenance and regulatory recommendations, a discussion of funding and implementation, and integration of passive recreation with corridor preservation.


Indicators of ecosystem function used to extrapolate the relative quality of creek and riparian conditions in the creek sections where fieldwork could not be accomplished included riparian vegetation, channel condition, and access to floodplain.


Restoration priorities to improve the most degraded sections were identified.