City of Colusa Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Colusa, California

Foothill Associates developed the City of Colusa’s first Park and Recreation Master Plan. The plan area included the City of Colusa and its sphere of influence. Community outreach was a major focus of the project. Two community meetings were facilitated to help elicit ideas and comments from the public as to the park types, facilities, and programs that the community would like to have. Interactive activities were held at each meeting themed around local agriculture. A park and recreation survey was developed and posted in public buildings and on the City’s website to get additional feedback. Population statistics, existing recreation facilities and programs, current trends, and community needs and preferences were analyzed to develop a plan for moving forward with implementation over the next 15 to 20 years. As pressure increases to develop new neighborhoods around the edge of the City, this document will be used by the City as a tool to ensure that new developments contribute to parks and recreation facilities at the same level as the existing community. A complete list of recommendations, facilities standards, and staffing levels were developed based on community needs for services. Foothill also developed a funding plan including revenue sources and expense projections. Use and evaluation of existing City general plan and codes was also an important part of plan development.


Foothill Associates developed the City's first Park and Recreation Master Plan.


Two community meetings and a park and recreation survey were used to collect community input.


The plan area included the City of Colusa and its sphere of influence.