City of Colfax Historic District Master Plan

Colfax, California

Foothill Associates prepared the Historic District Master Plan and Design Guidelines for the City of Colfax in 2008 which provides guidance for the future economic development of the City of Colfax Historic District.  After establishing the planning and regulatory context for the Historic District Master Plan, we guided the City through the public planning process, which included several community workshops and tours.  The project also included preparation of a Property, Land Uses and Streetscape Conditions inventory and analysis for the Historic District, which evaluated economic strengths and challenges, and provided recommendations for business mix, job creation, and economic development.  Design Guidelines were developed for improvements to properties and structures in the Historic District, and the existing sign and zoning ordinances were also reviewed  The final master plan included the Downtown Historic District plan, illustrative graphics, recommendations, guidelines, phasing plan, cost summary, and financing plan. The cost summary included streetscape, hardscape, landscape, light fixtures, furniture and pedestrian elements, sidewalks, and signage for the project area to support future grant applications and implementation funding.