Citrus Heights Urban Greening Strategy

Citrus Heights, California

The City of Citrus Heights is developing an Urban Forest Master Plan and updating their water efficient landscape guidelines as part of the Citrus Heights Urban Greening Strategy. As part of this process, Foothill Associates reviewed and evaluated existing landscape guidelines contained in the City’s Municipal Code to identify opportunities to incorporate additional native and drought-tolerant landscape policies and we developed planting guidelines for the City identifying a native and drought tolerant plant list suitable for use in Citrus Heights. Foothill Associates also reviewed exiting City codes and policies, including the zoning code building and design review permit applications and checklists, and the General Plan to determine their compliance with the California Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO). We reviewed requirements for irrigation installation and inspection with the three water purveyors within the City to develop a revised water efficient landscape ordinance for the City’s Municipal Code that complies with state regulations and meets the needs of the water districts.