Citrus Heights Creek Corridor Trail Feasibility Study

Citrus Heights, California

Foothill Associates prepared the City of Citrus Heights Creek Corridor Trail Project Feasibility Study. The Study is a planning and preliminary engineering analysis to determine the feasibility of establishing a multi-use trail system within the City’s 26 miles of creek corridors. Challenges faced included proximity to mature residential neighborhoods; limited availability of right-of-way; roadway crossings; existing utilities; environmental factors; and concerns of property owners. Due to public concern and potential controversy, a significant public outreach effort was established through identification of a Trail Advisory Group (TAG), neighborhood meetings, community meetings, TAG field trips, and on-line surveys. We identified existing conditions, constraints, opportunities, alignment options, phasing options, and cost estimates. Collection and inventory of field data, records search, review of existing planning documents, and interviews were used to identify opportunities and constraints. The technical team looked at issues relating to biological, geological, engineering, flooding, topographic, vehicular, property ownership, and costs to prepare a summary of findings. Extensive mapping using GIS was used in this analysis. The feasibility analysis resulted in a report identifying preferred trail alignments for each feasible segment, a phasing plan, and cost estimates.


Extensive public outreach included an open house, field trips, neighborhood meetings, online survey, and establishing a Technical Advisory Group.


The City of Citrus Heights studied the feasibility of establishing a multi-use trail system within the City's 26 miles of creek corridors and SMUD utility corridor.


Creeks were broken down into segments, evaluated, and segments were prioritized for further study.