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Anatolia and Kavala Ranch Bike and Pedestrian Trail APWA Project of the Year Award

On August 4, 2017, The American Public Works Association, Sacramento Chapter, awarded the City of Rancho Cordova’s Anatolia and Kavala Ranch Bike and Pedestrian Trail the Project of the Year award in the Trails & Parks, Trails category, $1 million – $2 million division. The trail is an extension of a Class I multi-use trail connecting two neighborhoods with a safe path to school and parks through an existing wetland preserve. Foothill Associates completed the design, permitting, and biological compliance monitoring during construction. As part of the design process we worked closely with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to minimize impacts to wetlands.

Two bridges were installed along the trail to avoid wetlands.


The trail connects two neighborhoods through a beautiful wetland preserve.

Kate Kirsh Presents American Trails Webinar

On July 20, 2017 Kate Kirsh was a presenters for the webinar entitled “Getting to ‘Yes’ on Greenway Trails in Your Community” as a part of the American Trails “Advancing Trails Webinar Series.” This webinar explored many of the social barriers that can make it difficult to get community support for multi-use trail projects. Social barriers are those issues that cannot easily be engineered away because they arise out of people’s values, emotions, and perceptions. The webinar looked at how to address residents’ fears about crime, loss of privacy, noise, depreciating property values, and other issues that are often raised when trying to get public support for new trails in urban settings. Other social barriers that were explored include fiscal concerns, such as worries about new taxes and lack of future maintenance funds, and anxieties over potential environmental impacts. The panel discussed how the public engagement process itself can be structured to most effectively address these social barriers in a manner that is respectful and builds consensus. The webinar was focused toward planners, landscape architects, and trail advocates who are tasked with getting public approval for trail projects. Kate organized a panel of presenters including Casey Kempenaar, Senior Planner, City of Citrus Heights, Planning Department; Mike Dour, Alternative Transportation Manager, City of Roseville, California; and Jim Konopka, Senior Park Planner, Trails, City of Folsom, California

California Trails and Greenways Conference Merit Award – Development

Arcade Creek Park Preserve AwardSunrise Recreation and Park District’s Arcade Creek Park Preserve was selected for the Merit Award (Development) under the California Trails and Greenways Conference Award Program. The award was presented at the annual CA Trails and Greenways Conference Awards Dinner on April 23 at the Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite. The awards program acknowledges those that have made contributions that promote, enhance or expand public awareness and use of trails and greenways in California. The project’s nomination was evaluated on how the project was successful, special, unusual, creative, innovative, or unique; how the project involved community resources such as people and funding; how the project benefited the community; and how it serves as a model, or provides guidance or inspiration to others.

World Landscape Architecture Month #wlam2015

April is World Landscape Architecture Month. Many diverse spaces are designed by landscape architects.

World Landscape Architecture Month 2015


Arcade Creek Park Preserve Now Open

The Sunrise Recreation and Park District has completed construction of the Arcade Creek Park Preserve, a 10-acre nature park in Citrus Heights, CA. The park’s grand opening and ribbon cutting was held on November 1, 2014. Foothill’s role was to help develop the Master Plan; assist with public outreach and grant support; conduct bio and arborist surveys and the wetland delineation; secure permits; develop detailed designs and construction documents and help with construction support. We were assisted by Bennett Engineering, cbec, and Balance Hydrologics. ¬†The project incorporated nature-themed recreation elements, multi-use trails, creek and oak woodland restoration, low-impact development, and interpretive education.

Main Play Area

The main play area adjacent to parking lot, group picnic shelter, and exercise equipment

Nature Play Area

One of the nature-themed play areas and exercise equipment along the trail.

Parking Lot Swale

A swale in the parking lot captures and filters stormwater runoff prior to discharge to the creek.

Restoratation Area

The restoration areas, designed by cbec, included regrading of banks, creation of terraces, log-toe stabilization and revegetation.


Two bridges were needed to cross the creek and avoid a steep cut-bank.

Arcade Creek Park Preserve Under Construction

Creek RestorationConstruction of the Arcade Creek Park Preserve is underway. Construction crews are currently working on restoration at three sites along Arcade Creek¬†where banks were over-steepened and the creek was deeply incised. At each location, a terrace is created on the inside of the meander bend to take pressure off the outside bank when the creek floods. The outside bends are stabilized with rock at the toe followed by logs, harvested on-site from invasive eucalyptus. Log toe protection is secured with rootwads that have 12′ of bole hammered into the bank. Once revegetated, the creek should be considerably more stable and should also support a healthier riparian community.

The open space park in Citrus Heights will also include play areas, trails, interpretive signs, boardwalk to wetland overlook, parking, and two bridges over Arcade Creek.