Caltrans Scenic Highway Program Survey and Assessment

Foothill Associates performed a comprehensive assessment of the Caltrans Scenic Highway Program which included evaluation of all 42 designated scenic highways in California. A comprehensive database was developed as part of the project to collect the evaluation data, including field notes and imagery for each designated corridor, and surveys of all the local governmental agencies with corridor jurisdiction.  The project required development of complex field data collection protocols designed to satisfy the criteria of the Scenic Highway Program and data collection using these protocols to assess the condition of 1,280 miles of designated corridors.


We also developed and administered a survey of individuals responsible for transportation planning in a representative cross section of jurisdictions, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPAs) throughout the State. Each Corridor Protection Program (CPP) for all currently designated highways was reviewed and carefully evaluated to determine how well it met the requirements of the Scenic Highway Program. In conjunction with this evaluation, a representative of the jurisdiction responsible for the Corridor Protection Program was interviewed to gain further insight into how the CPP was implemented. These data were assessed individually and collectively, resulting in a set of recommendations that addressed individual corridors and the overall Scenic Highway Program. Findings at key project points were presented to the Caltrans Departmental Transportation Advisory Committee.