Correll/Rodgers Pond Enhancement Feasibility Study

 Yolo County, California

Foothill Associates developed an enhancement plan for aggregate mining pits located in the historic floodplain of Cache Creek. The pits were created in the 1960s during aggregate mining operations and in the process became hydraulically isolated from the creek. The goal of this project was to improve the hydrologic connection and habitat values of the pits, while providing opportunity for future controlled public access to the site.


Foothill Associates assessed existing creek hydrology, hydraulics, habitat and recreation potential, developed goals and objectives for the project, and created three concept plans for enhancement of the pits. These concept plans provided for the reconnection of Cache Creek to the pits during high flows and improved wetland, riparian woodland, and oak grassland habitat. Foothill Associates worked with the client and a Technical Advisory Committee to determine a preferred alternative and prepared a final concept grading and planting plan, maintenance and management plan, and cost estimate.