Beale Air Force Base Anti-Terrorism Fence

Beale Air Force Base, Yuba County, California

Foothill Associates mapped more than 50 acres of wetland features within the study area at Beale Air Force Base. The study area consisted of approximately 243 total acres, including the Air Force Base perimeter and additional interior areas where the Anti-terrorism/ Force Protection (AT/FP) fence construction activities were proposed. Biologists reviewed aerial photographs and conducted a field delineation of the entire site to locate and map all potentially jurisdictional waters of the U.S., including wetlands on the site. To verify the jurisdictional status of these features, we used the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ multi-parameter methodology (1987 manual) to collect data on hydrophytic vegetation, hydric soils, and wetland hydrology. Foothill used GPS to map the wetland features on the site. Upon completion of field work, Foothill Associates prepared a report and map for formal verification of the wetland delineation map by the USACE.


Foothill Associates mapped more than 50 acres of wetland features.