Arcade Creek Park Preserve

Citrus Heights, California

Foothill Associates managed master planning, construction documents, and permit applications for the development of Arcade Creek Park Preserve in Citrus Heights, California. The park comprises ten acres, with Arcade Creek flowing through the site. The master plan envisions a multi-functional neighborhood park that combines habitat enhancement, flood control, stormwater treatment, environmental education, and recreation. Recreation improvements include a trail system, children’s adventure play area, workout stations, picnic area, and interpretive signs.


Arcade Creek is a deeply incised urban creek with few channel terraces and little channel vegetation. The goal of restoration along Arcade Creek was to improve aquatic function and values through bank re-contouring and stabilization, removal of non-native invasive species, and establishment of native riparian vegetation. Restoration provided increased storm water detention capacity/flood protection, reduced oversteepened slopes, decreased water velocities, reduced erosion, and provides an area for restoration of riparian habitat. The restoration plan included rock placed along the banks; rush and sedge plugs and live native willow stakes installed on newly formed point-bars; and valley, blue and interior live oaks planted on floodplain terraces. Non-native invasive species, primarily eucalyptus and Himalayan blackberry, were removed from all three restoration sites, as well as in uplands throughout the park, and replaced with native riparian species.
Click over to YouTube to watch a video of excavator placing root wad in bank.


Restoration along three segments of Arcade Creek were planned to repair the degraded creek and eroding banks. (before restoration)


Restored creek bank showing gently sloping banks. Toe logs and rootwads help protect the slope from erosion.


Restored section of Arcade Creek during storm event.


Foothill Associates managed permit applications, regulatory compliance documentation, and agency consultations for recreation and creek improvements.


Conceptual plan showing park layout.